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Springbreak Switch

May 22, 20070 minutes So Springbreak break is in full effect and we have a few flyers and adds to get some new talent out of the vacation mix. We weren't getting any responses worth mentioning until this smoking hot coed Jessie walks in off the street with her boy friend Jimbo so we take them to a close by hotel and give them a quick rundown on how things go and get started. Jessie for sure was into the vibe of the bizz flaunting her titts and bouncing her ass while she sucks the shit out of her boys dick but poor old jimbo got a case of the stagefrights and couldn't get it up so with the shoot being destroyed by a limp dick we shook hands and parted ways, and not even an hour later my phone rings and its Jessie readey for more with a new stud, aqnd I am acroos town so I called Zuko gave him the run down and had everyone meet at the same hotel I here from him the shoot was good and the fucking was unbelievable thanks to this guy "Julius Pleaser" So we kept him in Miami to do some morew shoots for us. As for Jessie she had to go back to school but I have a feeling she will be back for more. .

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